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    >> CRIUSES <<

        With sailing, cruises is so that it is never known whether it was already or will be the best cruise of our dreams, but still feel insufficiency and something is pushing us for another one and another ... During, we're gaining an experience, find many ideas, memories, we gain what we call the spirit or fortitude. To make these valuable things unforgettable, I put some memories, remarks, tips, photos - often from many interesting places.
        In the 60s of the last century, when I started sailing with my father, as a child of 6 or 7 years old, meeting the sailboat on Mazurian lakes was a great event and what is happening today! The wooden "Kubuœ", Elka repurchased from Legia's sporting club, carried out boldly few years. She gave a lot of joy during the holidays and various trips on the occasion of extended holidays. At the end of the seventies she was in a poor state and finally swept somewhere in an old hangar in Wierzba. After many years of Mazurian sailing, it was time to leave for the sea. Such interesting cruises were:
    • Adriatic 1998 – a four-week cruise on the Adriatic with mazursian boats from Crisnieva to the end of Kornati Islands and back,
    • 2006 Baltic – cruise with old stager captain Siarkiewicz on s/y "Barlavento"
    • 2007 Cyclades – from Heraklion / Crete by Cyclades to Athens
    • 2008 Malaga - Lizbona – cruise of the trip to around Europe
    • 2009 Adriatic – South Dalmatia
    • 2010
        Lisboa–Cherbourg – STS "Pogoria", cruise through Biscay, Brest, Guernsey
        Adriatic – cruise tn the far island of Vis, Bisevo, Palagranca
        North Sea/Baltic – A cruise calling for a vengeance on the sky due to the technical state of the yacht and the fulfillment of the company Blue Dream from the organizational and navigational assumptions of the cruise.

    • 2017
        - April, Baltic - maybe Szantymaniak on tall ship "Zawisza Czarny" ???,
        - July - Lofot Islands ???,
        - 16-30 September Altantic, La Coruna-Lisboa-Gibraltar,
        - 30.09-7.10 Canary Islands,
    • 2018
        - April, Báltico - again "Shanties-Maníaco" on tall ship "Zawisza Czarny" ?,
        - planing is needed !!!, maybe Portugal again ???

    yacht master. Robert Bany

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