navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse, navigare quam vita

     ... water sports and photography are the subjects, worth enough your time, not to loose yourself in chase of the epoc ...

    In the last two decades sports have grown in popularity. Universal access to equipment have given many people the opportunity to test sailing, diving, windsurfing, kite surfing and many other water follies. Very popular, not to say fashion, enjoys scuba diving and sailing after him. Since the early 90's, exchange contact information (Internet) and training opportunities from the outside "of our (former) block" yielded noticeable, the dynamic growth of many sports. An example is the Czech-Polish diving base in Dahab "Planet Divers," which already in 1999, functioned perfectly. Various diving school replenished to Poland, so that by 2000 could have been done without any problem, the first permission CMAS or PADI dive. The free to travel intensified development of the subject, which took more the form of recreation, but from something you have to start yet. Rapidly poured in diving company, offering training, dive trips domestic and foreign, of course, moving toward the south at once more exotic waters of the Adriatic Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, the Atlantic or the Pacific. The first Polish magazine with articles about dive equipment, diving spots, diving techniques, images of underwater flora and fauna. Something started to happen on a large scale. . Details, trips, photos in folder DIVING.

In the "ancient" times, a large part in the cruise sailing ship, it was a party for some privilege people or "well-connected", often with the Union (PYA). For the rest remained a small boats , old and not once in a bad state of repair. The second aspect was the amount of sailing-ships and sea yachts. This condition has not improved significantly, continue to charter a yacht on our Baltic coast is not a trivial task. The offer is quite sparse. While the big plus is the improving infrastructure of ports and marinas. It goes for good. In the sport of sailing - racing, access to modern equipment, materials technology (aerospace, aviation and F1) regatta-sailors assured our world-class equipment. Soon we had to wait for the first championship titles and Olympic medals. Many Polish skippers have successfully taken part in the match raceing, whether in single voyages around the world (Gutek Hooray!). I've always maintained that we have a great sailors, but the eternal lack of equipment, didn’t let spread out their wings ... no sails! It's no wonder that out of WJM (Mazurian Lakes District), plenty decide on a south direction and I don’t mean only weather conditions. Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean Sea, Balear Islands, Canarian Islands or the Caribbean are the waters where you can meet many Polish crews. Last year in November on Cape Verde Islands we met two boats with a Polish crew, two or three years ago it was almost impossible. In these basins is generally good weather, of course I mean the sun, because there is no guarantee of calm sea or ocean. Definitely our people enjoy the warm regions very much. In a word, sailing has become not only a popular sport, way to spend free time, but simply a way of life (cruising), surrounded by the beautiful sunshine, quiet waves and warm lap of the sea breeze ... >bookmark SAILING (don’t mistake with the yachting) ...   CRUISES

„… navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse, navigare quam vita …”
or as Pompeius Plutarch said:
“… plein ananke, dzen uk ananke…”

On the water or under the water always with photo camera.

yachtmaster Robert Bany

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